Black, rusty patio furniture refinished silver metallic

Electrostatic painting .

       Residential Painting

In addition to our expert metal refinishing services we also offer residential painting of your interior or exterior walls and trim. We always strive to exceed expectations, especially if we work on your home. 

With our wide variety of services we can offer a complete package to spruce up your home, your driveway and your garage . If you need drywall repair with a prime and roll job, a new high gloss coat on your trim, a new stain finish on your deck with an airless sprayer or your patio furniture refinished with our unique electrostatic application we are there for you.

We don't want to take up too much of your time reading about what we can do. Here in short: We paint everything and have the means and tools to do it . We have electrostatic equipment, airless sprayers, HVLP sprayers, vapor blast equipment and of course old fashioned brushes and rollers.

So call and let us give you a free estimate . Tel.:404 310 7759

We are local here in Chattanooga never mind the big city Atlanta area code.