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Sailfish by Andrew Crawford King and Queen Building

  Finished electrostatically          Atlanta, GA


                                   Frequently asked Questions about Electrostatic Painting and SteelRevivals

What is Electrostatic Painting ?

The electrostatic paint process is based upon the fundamental magnetic principal that opposite poles attract.  Employing state-of-the-art equipment, we atomize our specialized paint  by applying a positive charge to the paint.  We then ground the metal work piece, which creates an electrostatic field between our ‘paint gun’ and the target metal object.

Further atomization of the solvent is achieved as the charged paint particles repel each other to form an extremely fine cloud. The cloud is magnetically drawn to all sides of the work piece, this "wrap-around" effect evenly covering the most complex objects. Using the best quality  paints and solvents, we take advantage of this technology to apply our finishes smoothly, evenly and virtually overspray free!

What are advantages of Electrostatic Painting ?

Onsite Services: In eliminating over-spray, we can comfortably deliver refinishing services on-site, without impacting your facilities, your employees, other contractors or your valued customers.

Superior Finish: The nature of electrostatic atomization and attraction produces a finish unmistakably superior to alternative applications. The coverage is even, smooth and complete – even on the most complex metal surface areas !

Cost Advantage: Compare refinishing to replacing your metal inventory. Compare with other "painting" options where transport, labor and material costs add up ! We eliminate waste in costly materials and time. The net result is indisputable value.
Environmentally Responsible: Electrostatics is an environmentally responsible way to atomize paint, because it significantly increases quality, while it equally decreases paint waste and VOC emissions.

Why use Steel Revivals ?

We consider all metal "precious" and pride ourselves on our reputation as trusted advisor to some of the South’s most prominent designers, metal artisans and facilities management professionals.
Our expertise in all facets of metal finishing allows us to offer highly customized solutions, rather than a standard pre-scribed set of offerings.
Color selections are virtually unlimited. In addition to all manufacturers’ colors we will also color match customer colors to your designer’s specifications at no extra charge. Metallic finishes are also available.

What paints are we using ?

Depending  on location, indoors or outdoors, , light use, heavy commercial use, exposure to fossil fuels, submerged objects we will advise our clients on just the right paint to use. None of our paints are single component paints. Every product we offer, Epoxy, Acrylic Urethane Enamel , Polymer is a two part, catalyzed product for added hardness and UV protection.

                                                                        Electrostatic painting in

Electrostatic Painting ofStorefronts 

Ponce City Market   Atlanta, GA.

Electrostatic painting of Two Tone Lockers to

match Waynes Coating on walls.  

                     Ponce City Market, Atlanta, GA.

 Vapor Blasted and electrostatic finishing .Chattanooga, TN


Dekalb County Library

Electrostatic Onsite Services

       Steel Revivals Electrostatic Painting

DeKalb County Library, Atlanta, GA Electrostatic Painting