GA State University Atlanta, GA.

Entrance Gate Broad Street

At Steel Revivals, we pride ourselves on our expertise in electrostatic finishing of metals.  While our website provides you basic information on our company and services, we encourage you to call us directly for a conversation, brochure, no cost estimate, references or demonstration.   The most valuable business partnerships are built on relationships and we look forward to your call to begin one with you.

Main Entrance Steeldoor, Sconces and Rails

                            Roswell, Georgia

Vapor Blast and electrostatic painting Dondero Castle,

                                    Chattanooga TN

                                          Our Services Area:

While we are able to work with our clients on projects across the United States  our primary service area is in the Southeast with the majority of our projects in  Atlanta, GA,  Birmingham AL, Nashville TN and Chattanooga, TN areas.  
Due to the highly specialized nature of electrostatic painting, Steel Revivals does not use temps or sub-contractors to fill our clients needs.
Electrostatic Onsite Services .

Bathroom stalls GA Tech, Atlanta, GA, before and after,

          Electrostatic Painting Two Part Epoxy Enamel

Electrostatic Refinishing of filing cabinets

Popeye's Headquarters Atlanta, GA

Main Entrance Steeldoor, Sconces and Rails

                            Roswell, Georgia

    (404) 310 7759

Main Entrance Steeldoor, Sconces and Rails

                            Roswell, Georgia

Electrostatic Onsite Services

Chattanooga State University . Chattanooga, TN

             Electrostatic Painting, Acrylic Urethane

Electrostatic painting of main entrance gate

Main Entrance Steeldoor, Sconces and Rails

                            Roswell, Georgia

Lab Equipment, Bio Lab, GA Tech, Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Chattanooga , Birmingham, Knoxville, Nashville.

                   Electrostatic Onsite Metal Refinishing

                                           About Steel Revivals:

When you contact Steel Revivals, you'll notice our personal approach.  You won't go through sales or administrators; you will work directly with the owner, Klaus Kirschenbauer. For Klaus, understanding your requirements is key in delivering the highest quality results. A master of electrostatics , Klaus makes sure every job is scoped and delivered with the highest integrity and optimal results.   Klaus combines his Old World appreciation of master engineering with a New World flair for color and design.   As a result, we work as well with Artists & Architects as we do with Commercial Builders & Facilities Managers; giving the same attention to a 60 ft sculputure as we give to elevator doors & hospital handrails.  See Steel Revival's featured in the Dec. '15 Southern Living Magazine and visit our FAQ page to learn more about our services and our company

Main Entrance Steeldoor, Sconces and Rails

                            Roswell, Georgia

Welcome to Steel Revivals !

Main Entrance Steeldoor, Sconces and Rails

                            Roswell, Georgia


  Telephone:   404.310.7759

GA State University Atlanta, GA


Steel Revivals Electrostatic Painting

Electrostatic Applications:

Anything you value that is metal...including;

Filing Cabinets
Office / System Furniture
Industrial Machines
Fences & Gates
Kitchen Cabinets / Appliances
Elevator Doors
Lab & Medical Equipment
Window Moulin
Toilet Partitions
Pool / Patio Furniture
Iron Work
Display Cases

and lots more !!!!!!!

Summit Softball Fields, Chattanooga, TN  , Electrostatic Painting Two Part Acrylic Urethane