A word from Klaus Kirschenbauer:​

I spent the last 30 years building Steel Revivals by rescuing countless industrial artifacts from the certain doom of flaking paint, blooming rust and the junk yard.

 From high school lockers to morgues to bridges, I’ve stripped, primed, and electrostatically painted just about everything that man has learned to make by casting, bending, forging or folding metal.  My work has taught me that no matter how digital our lives may seem, society is built upon a foundation of steel and concrete.

As little attention as we may pay to the physical constructs which enable our lifestyles, we give even less credit to the literal nuts and bolts which in turn make up these bridges, roads, factories, and offices.   The complexity, durability, and precision of these components, however, is truly nothing short of awe-inspiring.   One missing nut means a bolt won’t stay where it’s needed, compromising a warehouse's or even a skyscraper’s integrity.  One missing tooth on a cog can cause a timing belt to slip, immobilizing a truck.  It takes an unbelievable degree of engineering precision to design and produce such components and, lucky for me, my work has exposed me to and given me a deep appreciation for these marvels.  

  Throughout the years, the inner workings of many industrial marvels (think of your car engine) have become increasingly difficult to access, hindering their visibility.  My goal is to highlight exactly these engineering wonders.  My goal is to bring the industrial elegance surrounding us to light.